History of Plymouth a step back in time

With Chris Robinson

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Step Back Into Plymouth’s Past

Welcome to the One Plymouth history section, *currently work in progress* where we take a look at Plymouth’s historical past. Plymouth history is deep rooted and is evident even today.

We will be working with local historian Chris Robinson, the SWTFA, SWIB and many other organisations across Plymouth to help really bring Plymouth’s historic past to life.

While we work on this section, take a look at a sneak preview of what we’ll be offering here.

Chris Robinson Prints in Plymouth

Chris Robinson’s Shop

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Tour Maps & Guides by Chris Robinson:

Our Recommended Reading:

www.plymouth.gov.uk/archives – Plymouth City Council Archives
www.swfta.co.uk – South West Film and Television Archive
www.southwestimagebank.com – South West Image Bank Archive

Plymouth History on Film

A collection of fantastic films and videos from the 18th century onwards showing Plymouth’s historic past.

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Plymouth History Appreciation Society

Marc Partridge runs the highly popular ‘Plymouth History Appreciation Society’ Facebook page (see right).

More details to follow…

Marc will be writing a series of Plymouth History articles for One Plymouth as we explore and celebrate Plymouth’s historic past. #BestOfPlymouth #History

Plymouth Hoe 1930s history pier