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Here at One Plymouth, we think it’s important to support and get involved with local charities. We’ve compiled a list of 30 Plymouth-based charities so it’s easy to contact them!

If you’d like to add your charity to the list (it’s free!), don’t hesitate to contact us at

Local Plymouth Based Charities Listing

Hugs from Henry

A charity supporting families affected by neuroblastoma and to fund research into its cure and treatments. Follow @HugsFromHenry to keep up to date with Henry’s progress and all of the fundraising that’s going on!

Jeremiah’s Journey

Offering help and support to children and their families who have been affected by someone they know contracting a terminal illness. For a more in-depth look at Jeremiah’s Journey, visit the webpage, and follow them at @JeremiahsJourne.

St. Luke’s Hospice

Plymouth has several St. Luke’s Hospice shops dotted all around it, which are always looking for donations of clothes, books and bric-a-brac. Call into your local branch and take a look at what bargains await you! For more information on St. Luke’s Hospice and the service it gives, go to St. Lukes Hospice.

Devon and Cornwall Food Association (DCFA)

Ensures that usable, in-date food does not go to landfill but is distributed to those most in need; thus reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring that those in need within our communities can access healthy food and improve their lifestyles. To learn more about the Devon and Cornwall Food Association, visit their webpage.

Independence South West

A service offering respite care and day breaks for disabled people between the ages of 18 and 65. Their website holds more information about the services Independence South West offer.

Business in the Community

Offers a number of practical ways for businesses to work together and take action to help tackle some of the key issues facing society, such as environmental issues and equality in the workplace. Go to their website to see about how Business in the Community can help businesses network and grow.

Catholic Children’s Society (CCS)

A child welfare agency covering the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. Visit their webpage for more details


Offering a wide range of help and support for different topics, ranging from adoption to young carers, and more! Barnardos has a charity shop in the Armada centre, which is always looking for donations. For more details on Barnado’s and how it helps, go to their website.


The Nomony Childrens Centre

A branch of The Children’s Society, Nomony Children’s Centre is a not for profit day nursery in Cattedown, which relies on volunteers and donations to continue running. Visit the Children’s Society website to see more information on the Nomony Children’s Centre.


Protection of domestic animals and lobbying for the rights of all animals in general. There are two charity shops, and a shelter in Plymouth. Donations and volunteering is welcome at all establishments. The website holds a lot more details on the RSPCA and its services.


The Prince’s Trust

Offering support and advice to 13 – 30 year olds who are either struggling in school or unemployed through courses tailored to train them for skilled work. Visit the website for more information on The Prince’s Trust

Age UK Plymouth

Taking care of people aged 50 and over in Plymouth, ensuring their social and medical wellbeing. For more details on Age UK Plymouth, visit the subcategory for this branch on their website.

 Shekinah Mission

Offers help and advice to young and ex-offenders and tackles the stigmatism of homelessness and substance misuse. To find out more about Shekinah Mission, visit their website.

Shekinah Mission

The EddyStone Trust

Provides advice on sexual-health and offers a support service for those suffering from HIV. For more details of what services the EddyStone Trust offers, visit their website.

Shelter Devon

The Devonshire branch of Shelter, they campaign to prevent homelessness in the UK, and support those who have been made homeless, or face homelessness. Visit their webpage to find out in more detail what Shelter Devon does for families in Plymouth

 The Multiple Sclerosis Society

Funding research into Multiple Sclerosis whilst simultaneously fighting to improve treatment of MS patients and caring for those affected. For more information on Multiple Sclerosis and how the society is tackling it, go to their website.

 Refugee Action

Helping refugees overcome trauma and lead ‘normal’ lives in the UK through Wellbeing Projects, Community Development and more. To see the imapct that Refugee Action is having in Plymouth, go to their website.

Refugee Action

Friends and Families of Special Children

Providing support, information and other services to families with disabled children. Visit their website to see what services they offer.

Witness Service

Provides practical help and support for witnesses coming to court to give evidence. We also support the families and friends of murder victims. Contact to ask about the service


Offers support to heart patients, their partners and carers in the Westcountry. To see what HeartSWell is doing in the South West, go to the website.

Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services (PDAS)

Provides support and accommodation for people escaping domestic abuse. Visit their webpage for more information.

Alzheimer’s Society

Helping those with dementia and their families remain connected. Visit their website to learn more.

Cancer Research UK

There are three charity shops open around Plymouth which are always looking for donations and customers. Cancer Research UK itself specialises in funding research into cancer cures. Go to their website  to learn more about the charity.

 Macmillan Cancer Support

Information and support to cancer patients and their families. For more information, visit their webpage.

Community Health in Lipson (CHIL)

Aims to improve service users mental health and wellbeing through more holistic approaches. For more information on CHIL, visit their website.


A mental health charity which campaigns to improve services available to those suffering with mental health, gives people support, raises awareness and promotes understanding. Visit their website to understand fully what work Mind does, and the support it offers


A children’s sailing charity which helps disadvantaged and disabled students from inner-city areas experience rural areas in Britain; increasing their self-confidence and social skills. To learn more about Horizons, visit their website.

British Red Cross

The Catherine Street branch provides short-term loans of mobility aids to disabled people between the ages of 18 and 65. Find out more about British Red Cross by visiting their webpage.

Care and Repair

Work on improving the homes and living conditions of older people. Visit the website to learn more about Care and Repair