Adrenalin Plymouth's Number One Urban Activity Park

Oct 07 2017

Adrenalin Plymouth’s Number One Urban Activity Park

Adrenalin boost? You bet!

When the guys at Adrenalin Urban Activity Park at The Ship invited the One Plymouth team aboard for a tour, who were we to say “no?” If you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet, then here’s what to expect …

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not called Adrenalin for nothing. The second is that it beats any team building suggestion your boss is ever likely to come up with! It’s also a great venue for friends wanting an evening out with-a-difference, which is quite handy with the party season almost here.

Once you’ve parked up in the free car park and made your way to reception, you’ll be asked to use one of the terminals to sign a waiver. It’s best to do that on the Adrenalin website beforehand if possible, it saves time. You then go to a ‘briefing zone’ to watch a 3-minute video about the do’s and don’ts, to ensure a safe visit. You also get a special pair of non-slip jump socks to wear; without these, you’ll be sliding around all over the place. And that’s it as far as the essentials are concerned. You are now ready to tackle everything that Adrenalin can throw at you.

The order you take the various challenges in is up to you, but it seems sensible to do the circuit logically, starting with the assault course. Don’t worry if you’re not the most confident, there are three options to choose from – Ninja (Level 1), Samurai (Level 2) and Kamikaze (Level 3). There are several different sections in the assault course and most people tend to complete them three times, working their way up through the levels. If you like throwing yourself around, you’ll love this! It has every apparatus you can think of that involves climbing, swinging and bouncing.

Next up is the ‘Warped Wall’, where you sprint towards a 20ft curvy wall and clamber over to the ladder on the other side. “What happens if you don’t make it to the top?” we asked. “You fall in a heap on the floor,” was the answer. But that’s ok, all the flooring is ultra-padded so you can just get up and try again.

The Mini Ninja area is next, an assault course suitable for people of all ages, and then it’s on to a brilliant piece of equipment called The Sweep. This is ideal for a bit of competition. Up to 6 people stand on large discs, while The Sweep – two long arms – spins around. You have to duck under or jump over to avoid being hit. If it hits you, you’re out.

Adrenalin in Plymouth The Sweep

The Foam Pit has a wonderful thing called a Battle Beam over it, where two people try to knock each other into the pit using long pads. From there, it’s straight onto the trampolines, where you can have a go at an assault course. You’ll be literally bouncing off the walls here because some of the trampolines are on the sides. Also in this area, the Interactive Wall involves lots of jumping to hit coloured flashing lights and it puts you up against the clock as well as your mates.

One of the most popular bits of equipment is the Air Bag, which you launch yourself onto from what can best be described as two diving platforms (but definitely DON’T dive). This, apparently, is a great stress buster.

Adrenalin Plymouth Ninja Run 700

Finally, at the end of the circuit, is the Bouldering Wall, which the younger ones love, and Walk the Wall, where you bounce yourself from a trampoline onto the top of a wall.

There are three options for group bookings: Group, minimum of 10 people for an hour; Team Building, which also includes a dedicated host or hosts and bespoke activities; and Exclusive, where you get the park all to yourself.

There’s a café upstairs and catering can be organised for up to 100 people in a party. Access-wise, there are disabled toilets and a lift so people can watch.

Adrenalin opened at the old Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News Ship building at Derriford in January, making clever use of the massive space and high ceilings. It’s popular with schools, groups of friends, Plymouth’s Royal Navy personnel and companies looking for some corporate ‘bonding’.

Adrenalin in Plymouth Map

It’s a local business, employing 40 people and the good news is it’s doing so well, they’re looking to open a second one. Now that really is worth jumping up and down about!


Article Written by One Plymouth Writer Laura Joint.