Local Plymouth boxer aiming to put Plymouth professional boxing back on the map

Apr 26 2017

Local Plymouth boxer aiming to put Plymouth professional boxing back on the map

This week we had an opportunity to meet with Plymouth’s Professional boxer Des ‘The Destroyer’ Newton. for a little chat before his upcoming fight at the Guildhall. As well as meeting Des himself, we also spoke to Emily Whitehead, his nutritional therapist about his preparations for the fight.

Only couple of months ago, back in February, Des scooped up his first professional title after winning an 8 round contest against Stockport’s Jamie ‘Devil Child’ for the British Challenge Lightweight strap in ‘War of the Roses: No Love Lost’ held at the Plymouth Guildhall.

In less than 2 weeks on Saturday 6th May, Des will be defending his title against Gloucester’s Andy Harris in BCB’s Professional Boxing “Mayhem” event (full details on poster below).

Q1: How are you feeling with the fight fast approaching?
Des: Buzzing, absolutely buzzing, bring it on! I can’t wait for the fight.

Q2: How long do you prepare for each fight and what does it involve?
Des: I allow myself at least 8 weeks of intense training. During that time I train 2 -3 times a day, starting with a morning long run, followed by boxing and gym after work and sometimes an additional run in the evening. It’s a massive commitment and there is a whole team behind me helping me be in my prime when I get in that ring. Sponsorship and professional advice is also very important to me and much appreciated.

Q3: So you also work full time?
Des: Yes. Boxing is not about money for me, my job takes care of that. I love that feeling when you come out to a roaring crowd, the vibe is amazing. I have a great following online, but seeing people come out to watch you fight and rooting for you is incredible.

Boxing helped me to get out of some pretty troubled times and get back on the straight and narrow. I do it to make my wife and daughter proud, that’s what it’s all about really. They choose all my outfits and music, I think about them each time I walk out. I have my daughter’s name on my shorts too.

Q4: Emily, what’s your challenge when designing Des’s diet?

Emily: With Des, we need to focus not only on maintaining his weight but also giving his body food that will give him energy for all the training and helps his body to recover. He needs a balanced diet which will keep him strong, full of energy, focused and light on his feet to stay a step ahead his opponents.

Des: There is so much science behind food, Emily helped me realise that. It becomes part of your life and you do it naturally. I always keep trying to find ways to add that extra % that makes me different to everybody else.

Q5: Well it’s been working well so far with all wins since you went pro. Any worries for the upcoming fight?
Des: No, none at all. I’m at my peak and not planning to change that any time soon. I have been training very hard and feeling great ahead of the fight., I’m confident we’re going to put Plymouth on the professional boxing map again!

Q6: So what’s next for you?
Des: I want to see more of the bigger fights here in Plymouth. I’m not gonna lie, I have my eyes on the Southern Area, British title would be a dream come true. Physically I’m in my prime time and ready.

Q7: And what do you do after each fight, do you take some time off?
Des: Usually I’ll take my family out for a meal, spend some more time with my wife and daughter and let my body regenerate and rest. I try not to get out of my routine for too long and get back to training, maintaining my weight and being always ready after about a week. You never know what opportunity might come your way and I’d hate myself for not being ready for it.
Des will take on Gloucester’s Andy Harris in an 8 round contest on Saturday 6th May 2017 at the Plymouth Guildhall, doors open at 6.30pm.

Last few VIP tickets remaining and standard tickets are selling fast. Full details on the poster attached. Some tickets will also be available on the doors too.

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