MTV Crashes Plymouth Gorgon City
May 04 2017


Gorgon City will be Crashing Plymouth this summer for day two – Club MTV.  The famous electronic duo will take the stage on day two of MTV Crashes along with the already confirmed Martin Garrix, R3wire & Varski and Wilkinson.

One Plymouth’s Kamila had a chance to speak to Gorgon City’s Matt “RackNRuin”  Robson-Scott about the announcement, plans for the summer, igloos and pasties.


So Matt, MTV Crashes Plymouth!! Are you excited?

Yes, very excited. We played a set in Plymouth a few years ago and the crowds here are always up for it. The vibe is amazing. We’re looking forward to working with MTV again, we did some work for them in Ireland a couple of years back, the production and set up was great. When you watch videos of MTV Crashes it always looks like ‘the place to be’ , the atmosphere and the crowds, the stage it’s just amazing. From what I’ve seen and heard,  it’s pretty much a sell-out event , so yeah, we’re really excited.


What can we expect from your set at MTV Crashes?

There will definitely be lots of new music from our latest Kingdom Project. We’re very excited to share some of this work with you guys, new single is coming out in two weeks and there will be lots of stuff you’ll hear for the very first time. We also have a big surprise up our sleeves for the MTV Crashes, we can’t talk about it yet – it’s top secret , but don’t worry all will be revealed.


Talking about gigs, you’ve had a chance to DJ at some really incredible venues in your career. What was your favourite gig, one that has really stuck with you?

Aaah that’s a good one.  We’ve played in some pretty amazing places and some pretty crazy ones too. The most obscure one was a set inside of an igloo, on top of a mountain. That was mad, quite cold too but really loved it.

We also did a set in an airplane while flying over the Atlantic.  That was actually the first ever live stream DJ set above the Atlantic, really amazing experience.


What does this summer have in store for Gorgon City?

It will be a very busy one this year.  New single, new album and lots of UK festivals. As well As MTV Crashes Plymouth, we’ll also be at Glastonbury, V Festival, Creamfields, SW4 and a few more. We have some international gigs in the US, Romania and Czech Republic coming up this summer.  Apart from festivals, we’re also starting our Ibiza sessions as resident DJ’s at the Amnesia, every Tuesday night,  that’s starting  from  27th May. So yeah, we’re having a bit of a down time at the moment before it all kicks off.


Over the years, you’ve had a chance to collaborate with quite a portfolio of artists. Who was your favourite?

Oh wow, yeah they were all unbelievable. Working with Wyclef Jean was just an incredible experience, such an amazing artist. Oh and Jennifer Hudson, she is just “wow”, her voice, everything about her. We have collaborated with some amazing people and we loved working with every single one of them it’s very hard so single them out.


What advice would you give to young DJ’s trying to make it in the industry? What was the turning point for you?

BE ORIGINAL. Don’t follow the fashion and jump on the bandwagon of doing what everybody else is doing. Nobody wants to listen to the same old stuff. Find what you like, what makes you – you and keep at it, just keep going.

Before Gorgon City, both Kye and I had been doing music for quite some time and had a lot of experience as solo artists.  I guess working together was a real turning point for our careers.

Bringing that experience to the table,  the ideas, being on the same wavelength and having the skills  to do it. It’s really good to find someone you work well with and when we get together, we can accomplish a lot very fast.


Ok, this is the last question, but a very important one.  Scones or Pasties?

Hahahaha for me, definitely pasties.


What filling?

Oh I’m a classic steak pasty kind of person, Kye is vegetarian so his would be a veggie one of some kind, but definitely a steak one for me.


We can’t wait for this dynamic duo to Crash Plymouth Hoe this summer, Plymouth  is “Ready for your love” Gorgon City!  Tickets for both nights are available online via , grab yours quick before they sell out.