Duke Director Completes His Fifth & Final London Marathon

Jon Duke of Cornwall
Jul 02 2015

Duke Director Completes His Fifth & Final London Marathon

On Sunday 26th April, Duke of Cornwall Director, Jonathan Morcom ran the Virgin London Marathon for the fifth time. His goal was to raise money for Contact a Family and local children’s charity Friends and Families of Special Children – to date he has raised £1891.13, but with the last few promised donations he will reach his £2000.00 target!

When asked how it felt to complete his final Marathon Jon said: “Amazing – all the hard work of the early mornings, running after work, running with injuries all through January and February had been worth it…….added to that the pressure of fundraising had been completed.

It’s such an incredible event to be part of. The atmosphere is amazing – the crowd are fantastic, brass bands, steel bands, Gospel choirs and DJ’s, pubs all open, people drinking and supporting from balconies. It never ceases to amaze me how much support you get and how many thousands of people line the street and call out your name from your running vest. There’s a great spirit across the City.

It has to be said that the final mile was a bit of a blur as we had a tough 4 miles between 17-21 and our time slipped so we then knew we had lost the 4 hour goal, but from 21-24 miles we picked up the pace and we hit the 25 thinking we were ok for under 4 hours 7 mins (our previous personal best). There was a moment when we hit the 800 meter sign where we realised that we might go over our best time so we pretty much sprinted all the way to the line, it was great to feel strong at the end & power over the line. We achieved a PB of 4hrs 6mins!!

As soon as we finished we were buzzing and so happy, I then could not wait to see my wife Susie and son Sam, it was the first time Sam experienced the Marathon atmosphere and I am hoping he was proud of his old man…!”

Running for charity fuelled Jon around the course knowing that every penny raised would make a difference.

Kay O’Shaughnessy, Chair and Founder of Friends and Families of Special Children said: “We are extremely thankful to Jon for supporting us again this year by running the London Marathon. The money raised by Jon will enable us to take some of our profoundly disabled children surfing. None of the children have ever done this so it will be an amazing experience for them. All of the children have complex disabilities’ so doing such an activity is not usually possible without the help of experienced surfing tutors. For many families taking their disabled children to such activities is impossible, either because of the cost or the support needed to facilitate such an event. One of the aims of the charity is to give our families and their children the opportunity to try experiences and activities that are not readily or easily accessible to them. This certainly ticks that box!!!! Well done Jon, we are really proud of you and full of admiration.”

All of the team at the Duke are so proud of Jon. That was apparently his fifth and final Marathon, but we will see what 2016 brings…